Building Security Awareness In Congregations.



In recent years there has been an increase in attacks on our churches and places of worship. Tactical Security Protection Academy has developed a community outreach program that supports our church leaders.  Titled the Community Incentive Security Program, it offers solutions to the

ever-growing security concerns of places of worship. We look forward to working closely with our spiritual leaders and pastors to help identify worthy individuals that are honest hard-working and active members of your congregation.

Church Leaders,

This incentive Is a great way for your security team members to combine their career experience with your ministry.

 Building Safe Communities
Community Outreach

We can no longer ignore the need for a church security plan. It's the first step to ensure your congregation and place of worship is protected.

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As a strong believer in helping our community, our organization is ready and able to provide church leaders its resources and training concepts to ensure your place of worship remains safe and secure, for them and the families who attend.
Preparing You For What's Next

Joining one of our affiliate security firms is a great way to enhance your security skills, while better serving your church community.

We can help churches improve their internal security needs.

1). Create a church security plan.

2). Install church video surveillance (inside and outside).

3). Never allow an adult in the Children’s Area without proper identification.

4). Make sure to have a plan for Sunday services, in the event of a shooter, fire or other incident.

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Churches in the past 10 years have experienced over 600 acts of violence and or medical emergencies. Over 50% of churches currently do not have an active security plan in place.

There’s a variety of incidents that can occur on church owned property. Stolen vehicles and break-ins, thefts during church services, medical emergencies, accidents, or even complaints of inappropriate conduct.

Studies suggest most church incidents are domestic related Year after year, domestic abuse spillover, when a fight at home comes to church, it is one of the most common killers at faith-based organizations

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